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Hell Yeah! Hell Yeah!

So by now, most of you who watch FX have noticed the badass promos we’ve been airing for Season 3.  That can only mean one thing: We’re almost there.  I gotta hand it to our promo people, these promos look SICK, they make me wanna ride a Harley at full throttle and kick the shit out someone out of sheer enthusiasm. You’ve asked and we’ve delivered.  Take a peek at what we have in store for you this season:  Read More →

We’re baaaaaaaacckkkkkk… We’re baaaaaaaacckkkkkk…

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With that said, I hope you’re as excited as we are for Season 3. We’re turning in Episode 308 to the network this week, and writers Chris Collins and Brady Dahl turned in 309 to Kurt. Breaking 311 now, and have 304 in post. We drop Season 2 DVD on August 31st and DAMN! We’re almost there. Not close enough for some, but trust me, it’ll be worth the wait. I saw a cut of 301 today and I really think we’ve pushed some of our characters to their limits this season. The acting has been phenomenal and terrifyingly real. Our cast came ready to play hardball and hit it out of the frickin’ park. Mark Boone Junior and Kim Coates were born to play Bobby and Tig. And watching our new cast... [Read more...]

Recap: Na Triobloidi Recap: Na Triobloidi

Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Episode 213 SEASON FINALE Recap: “Na Triobloidi” We kick off the season two finale with Zobelle, Polly, and Weston in Charming PD’s custody and SOA camped outside of the station hoping for an opportunity to finish what they started.  Unser gives Clay an update; Weston, Zobelle and Polly are all being released.  Weston is being released because Chuck was deemed an unreliable witness. Zobelle and Polly are released because, as it turns out, Zobelle is a rat working with the FBI.  Clay gets word to Otto.  This revelation will secure protection for the brothers inside.   Hale escorts Zobelle and Polly out. He offers them protection until they get out of Charming,... [Read more...]

A Look Behind the Scenes: Ka-Boom A Look Behind the Scenes: Ka-Boom

As we near the end of another great season let’s take a look back at one of the best explosions of the year and how they did that. Episode 205 “Smite” ended with a bang as we blew up a minivan in our own backyard.   The set up: Chibs gets in to move the van. When he turns the engine over he hears the familiar sound of the battery winding down and knows what’s coming next.  Acting fast, he makes a run for it as the van detonated into a fiery explosion.  Chibs is thrown into the air by the force of the explosion, landing unconscious in a pool of his own blood. This 60-second scene took hours of planning and preparation.  With explosions everything must be planned and double checked... [Read more...]

Recap: The Culling Recap: The Culling

Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Episode 212 Recap: “Culling” The episode opens as Jax, Tara, Clay, Tig, Gemma and the rest of the club prepare for lock-down.  The clubhouse has turned into a safe haven for Samcro and their loved ones. Clay addresses the large crowd in the barroom – you are here because you are family. No one else is going to get hurt on my watch. At chapel Clay lays out the plan to get his guns from the Irish without the ATF interfering.  He assures Chibs that Jimmy will know who the real rat is and he and his family will be safe. Jax and Opie find Weston at Impeccable Smokes. They inform him that Zobelle is supplying weapons and selling heroin with the Mayans.  Weston goes... [Read more...]

Mailbag: You asked, they answered. Mailbag: You asked, they answered.

QUESTION: From Noelle Sinck I wanted to submit a question for Mr. Perlman. In the promo video prior to season 1 you mention that you’ve never played anyone who was as much of a “man” as Clay.  Was it hard to find the humanity in this character? I feel you have done a great job of showing the two sides of him, both ruthless and vulnerable.  Was there a process to finding the nuances in this character or did they evolve naturally over the season? To Noelle Thanks for your kind words regarding the portrayal of Clay. The tricky part to playing him lay more in the type of man he is, rather than his manhood. I think the comment I made referred to the fact that Clay is the first... [Read more...]

Recap: #211 – “Service” Recap: #211 – “Service”

Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Episode 211 Recap: “Service” We pick up the episode hours after Gemma revealed the rape to Clay and Jax.  Rocked by the news, everyone is up trying to figure out what now.  Clay makes a late night visit to Jax’s house – they need to do this right, they need a plan.  In Jax’s mind the plan is simple – kill them all. A morning Church session is called.  Jax informs the club that he is not going nomad, but before the club can rejoice Clay reins them in and shares the news about Gemma.  The club is shocked and wants revenge.  Jax and Clay tell them that if they are going to destroy Zobelle’s organization, the Sons need to tear them apart from the inside. ... [Read more...]

Recap: Balm Recap: Balm

Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Episode 210 Recap: “Balm” The gauntlet has been thrown - Jax is going Nomad. Clay informs the rest of the club that the Nomad President has accepted Jax’s request for a transfer, now it is up to a vote to see if we let him go or not. Jax goes to the cabin to tell Piney. Piney is less than thrilled to hear that the one he trusted to make things right is leaving.  Jax tells him he will still make things right, just needs a little distance to do that. On his way out he talks with Opie who is just arriving.  Opie doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Frankly, neither does Jax. Chibs finally gets cut loose from the hospital. Jax, Bobby, Happy, and Half-Sack are... [Read more...]

Next On: #210 “Balm” Next On: #210 “Balm”

While the repo business proves more fruitful than the club ever imagined, ATF Agent Stahl gets up close and personal with the MC.  Meanwhile, the tension between Jax and Clay forces Gemma to make a tough decision.  Read More →

Recap: “Fa Guan” Recap: “Fa Guan”

Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Episode 209 Recap: “Fa Guan” After a devastating family dinner emotions are running high.  Jax pays Big Otto a visit to give his condolences for Luann. It’s clear Jax feels some responsibility for possibly inciting her tragic death by roughing up Georgie Caruso. Meanwhile Clay and the guys meet with Henry Lin. They unfortunately cannot fill his gun order; ATF has eyes on their supplier.   However they agree to help Lin ‘free-up’ his supplier from his immigration troubles in exchange for access to the Hamas pipeline.  Lin gives SOA the information on the INS judge trying the case. The plan is simple - they will go in and persuade him to drop the charges. Hale... [Read more...]

Recap: “Potlatch” Recap: “Potlatch”

Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Episode 208 Recap: “Potlatch” SOA may be home from jail in one piece, but they are far from healed. Tara and Gemma check in with their men separately: Tara questions Jax’s want for change while Gemma plans a family dinner to refocus the club and bring them back together.  Bobby takes it upon himself to gather the club and figure out how to mend the rift between Jax and Clay.  Opie will talk to Jax and Tig to Clay; they need to get to the bottom of this before it destroys the club. Jax walks in as Bobby and the rest of the guys are wrapping up their talk.  He needs them to find Clay; the Chinese want a sit down. Jax heads off to Caracara to deal with a distraught... [Read more...]

Recap: #207 “Gilead” Recap: #207 “Gilead”

Locked up, unprotected, and with the AB gunning for them, the Sons know that the prison yard will prove to be a very dangerous place. Clay and Jax try to put their anger aside momentarily to strike a deal with Laroy’s cousin Russell Divine, leader of the Black Guerilla Family, for protection while they are locked up.  Russell agrees to protect them as long as the Sons can do something for the Family – first, a snitch in protective custody, Dion, needs to be taken out and second a Tranny, Vincent, on the outside needs to be set up and brought to jail so they can deal with her. Clay puts Opie, the only one who didn’t get locked up, on Vincent while Jax uses Juice as bate and arranges a... [Read more...]

Next On: #207 “Gilead” Next On: #207 “Gilead”

Locked up in county, the club is faced with finding protection in a volatile environment before something bad happens. Meanwhile, Gemma appeals to the only person who has the ability to help save the crew. [ Read More →

Recap: #206 Falx Cerebri Recap: #206 Falx Cerebri

Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Episode 206 Recap: “Falx Cerebri” The episode begins in the aftermath of the explosion.  As the ambulance pulls away, the worry, stress, and want for revenge can be seen on all of the Sons’ faces. There is no stopping the retaliation on Zobelle, not now.  Jax, still worried they’re walking into a trap, partners up with Hale in hopes to protect his brothers.  Hale’s on board, under one condition, Jax will deliver Zobelle alive for questioning. The explosion brings the Irish around, now questioning what this will do to their gun running arrangement.  Clay assures him that everything is under control and they will be able to make their deliveries as scheduled. ... [Read more...]

A look behind the scenes: If you build it… A look behind the scenes: If you build it…

We have many talented people working on the show – my hat goes off to them and their creativity and ingenuity for doing what they do on a daily basis. It may all start with the writers, but the crew brings it to life. One of the men behind the curtain is our Production Designer, Anthony Medina.  He along with his exceptionally talented team in the Art Department and Set Decoration take the words off the page and create the world of SAMCRO. In this weeks episode they got to build AND destroy one of the many sets you see in the show. It is oddly satisfying – so I’m told - to build something only to crash a flatbed truck right into it. Take a look at the before pictures and a little video... [Read more...]

Recap: #205 “Smite” Recap: #205 “Smite”

Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Episode 205 Recap: “Smite” As the Sons try to get back to business, the growing rift between Jax and Clay becomes more apparent. Clay makes a friendly visit to Zobelle, a welcome to Charming, along with a friendly reminder of the cost of doing business in his town.  Zobelle, peeved by Clay’s arrogance, makes his next move, giving Weston the go ahead for Stockton. At Stockton State Prison, Big Otto is attending to a work detail when he is attacked by three AB inmates. The vicious attack, initiated on Zobelle’s orders, leaves Otto beaten and blind in one eye. When the club gets news of the attack, a vote for retaliation is set, but not everyone is on the same... [Read more...]

“Behind the Scenes – Physical Effects” “Behind the Scenes – Physical Effects”

Take a look at how we blow up a house. [ Read More →

“Behind the Scenes – Physical Effects” “Behind the Scenes – Physical Effects”

Take a look at how we blow up a house.  Read More →

Recap: #204 “Eureka” Recap: #204 “Eureka”

Sons of Anarchy Season 2, Episode 204 Recap: “Eureka” The Club gears up for their first run under the new deal with the Irish, transporting handguns through Northern Cali.  They will make the delivery under the guise of a charity run for a Children’s Blood Drive in Eureka.  As the Club prepares we find Gemma injecting cortisone shots into Clay’s ailing hands.  Meanwhile, Tara realizes, happily, that she’s Jax’s ‘Old Lady’. Sam Crow kicks off the run, Harley’s thunder through Charming. As the fleet exits Charming, the pack grows from twenty to forty plus as other Sons of Anarchy charters join the ride.  SAMCRO branches off to pick up the delivery from the Irish.  Each brother... [Read more...]

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