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New York ABATE against non-stock motorcycle exhaust legislation

January 19, 2009 by Editor  
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Following a December 29th meeting with New York City Council Member Alan Gerson (1st District) to discuss proposed Local Law Int. No. 416-A, which he sponsored, ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Towards Education) of New York, Inc. reiterates its strong opposition to this legislation, however well intended, that will potentially make unavailable non-stock exhaust systems that conform to current sound level standards, due to cost & availability issues, and production & equipment-related concerns.

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There is the severe potential of wide-ranging negative results of this legislation passing.

If a motorcycle owner is fearful that a stock or stock equivalent exhaust will be unavailable in the future, then the owner is more likely to remove and store the stock exhaust for future use. A chosen replacement exhaust may meet legislated sound levels, but not be legal due to stamping requirements.

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Bikers play Santa on two wheels

November 15, 2008 by Editor  
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About 200 to 300 motorcyclists strapped stuffed animals, dolls and toy trucks to their passenger seats and revved their engines for the 15th annual Denton ABATE Memorial Toy Run and Food Drive on Saturday afternoon, while winds whipped around a parking lot touching on temperatures near freezing. Read more

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